This collection of paintings was the first time I experienced such a powerful connection through my work, to a source that guided my hand and seemed to speak through me. The collection began with "The Awakening", done while we were looking for a new place to live in the months following September 11th, when our loft had been nearly destroyed.

From the moment I looked at the blank canvas until I finished each piece, they would just flow, and I have very little recollection of any conscious thought except an overwhelming sense of joy and despair as each was completed.

One of the most powerful aspects of their existence is how intimately and profoundly they touch the viewer. I could have never imagined this level of communication—it has altered my view of what I am able to do or be as an artist.

I see these paintings living in museums, in the public domain, so they can touch as many people as possible. I see them living on different continents, or maybe different universes.